Wedding Guest List and Budget

While you might get excited while planning your wedding, make sure to realistically plan the budget and how many expected guests you can invite. You should consider whether you are paying for the wedding ceremony and receptions or if parents are paying. If family members are contributing, you should ask the awkward question of exactly how much they are planning on contributing. No longer do just the brides’ family pay and any support you receive should be appreciated. If your parents are contributing to the costs, make sure to research the average cost of the wedding you expect to have so that you can present them with the amount you need. This can be made easier if you already have a vague idea of the number of guests you want in attendance, the type of catering, tastings and others.

When you consider your guest list, try and decide those who are closest to you, whom you’ve known since birth or whose house you frequent for dinner. Aside from close family and distant relatives, invite close friends. If your friend is in a relationship it is gracious to include the significant other in the invitation. If you are not bothered by the idea of children running around throughout the wedding or reception, then feel free to invite families. Conversely, you can have “adult only” wedding receptions. A nice compromise is to invite children to the ceremony but not necessarily to the reception, or have a children’s menu with finger food at the reception.