Catering for Industrial Facilities

This includes providing food for a variety of institutions, including schools, prisons and hospitals.


– Most industrial caterers are awarded contracts to provide an institution with catering services for a stipulated amount of time. This provides a sense of stability with assured payment

– Most institutions already have provisions in place for serving food e.g. cafeterias


– It is a great challenge to begin as an industrial caterer, and this is a position into which most caterers have grown, or otherwise been connected to by existing industrial caterers.

– While catering to a mass number of people, it is difficult to uphold high food qualities as an industrial caterer.

Different types of catering have different pros and cons, and you can operate by working on more than one aspect of catering. It is important however to select one type of catering to venture into as a beginner, allowing you to start up with a specific target market and focus. From this starting point, you can spread into various forms of catering as our business grows.